With a friendly demeanor and service oriented mentality, CLI drivers have the unique opportunity to be a part of a solid team in a family like environment. Drivers are responsible for maintaining safety and compliance with their vehicle. Deliveries take place 24/7/365 in all weather conditions. With state of the art technology in CLI's new, clean, and well maintained trucks, drivers have the advantage of being home every day, with a consistent and stable schedule. Watch this video to hear from Rick and Herb, experienced drivers who enjoy being a part of the CLI Transport team.

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Video Transcript:
I've been with CLI Transport for almost 15 years. They keep giving me a raise every year! (laughs) That big advertisement going down the road just caught my eye and I said man, there's a company I need to work for. They take care of their equipment. Start off the day, come in, you make sure a pre-trip on the truck, make sure everything is operational for you to take it out, then you go down to the loading terminal, everything is computerized there, touch screen, real easy to load. Everything's at your fingertips, we have the on board computer systems, which is very nice. We don't have to do manual logs anymore. The stores themselves are very clean. You get to know the management staff on that shift so, it makes it very nice. I'm a company driver. I get a new truck every three years, a new trailer every 6. I work 4 days a week! This year, with my extra vacation, I'm gonna work 188 days. I'm gonna have 177 days off, so I only work half the year, pretty much. Everybody's very friendly, out to help each other out. We're all here to do a good job and be safe and that communication is nice to have. The work is not that hard. The pay is good, the benefits are good, the safety record is great. In the summer you're gonna sweat, in the winter you're gonna freeze your butt off, and if it rains you're gonna get wet, but other than that, nice days, when the sun is out, or you can see the stars, it's a beautiful place to work.