Assistant Manager

Take a closer look at the job responsibilities of a Sheetz Assistant Manager. This 2nd shift position works as a team lead to ensure all store tasks are completed. The Assistant Manager is responsible for to balancing work flow, scheduling, as well as limited HR functions including hiring and training. Leadership qualities are a must in this position, with opportunities for long term career growth. Do you have what it takes?

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Video Transcript:
I love our donuts. I eat, probably eat like 5 per day. We have a great discount, 50% off when we're on the clock! As an Assistant Manager we're basically here in the absence of the Store Manager. We do things from working at the register to helping employees in MTO. We schedule employees, we have to keep our stores fully staffed at all times. We're responsible for all hourly employees, that includes shift supervisors, as well as sales people, making sure that they complete tasks. We want to provide the customer first culture in the store. I am driven to win and I try to instill that in my employees as soon as they are hired. You need to have people skills, you need a lot of energy, a lot of energy. If you're an assistant manager for Sheetz, you have to be able to want to work the evening shift. 4-1 is a great shift for me, you get to sleep in! If somebody wants to go for it, I would say go for it! Sheetz, is here to stay. If you want to take that next step into management position, it's a great opportunity. Yeah, you could do it anywhere, but anywhere's not Sheetz!