This video highlights what it's like to work as a lineman for Pike Electric. A lineman operates a bucket truck to work on the overhead power lines that Pike maintains throughout 19 states. Pike Electric utilizes the best equipment and practices in the industry to ensure that a lineman can do his job quickly, safely and dependably. There are three classes of lineman; C-Lineman, B-Lineman and A-Lineman. An A-Lineman has the most experience and autonomy and has proven himself strong, dependable and proud and has the opportunity to advance to a foreman's position.

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Video Transcript:
I'm an A Lineman. I run a bucket truck and do overhead power lines. Before we set a pole I have to go up in the bucket and cover the line up real good. If not that pole will become energized. Safety is important because it is your life. You have to really be dependable out here. You have to really be on top of your game. The opportunities here are great. I started out as a groundman and go from a groundman to a C-Class. You start climbing and work out of a line truck. Basically the B-Lineman is the next step up. They do more primary work. The primary, that's the actual power line, the hot stuff. An A-Lineman you should be on your own, they don't watch you quite as close. The next step if you move up would be a foreman. The advantage of working at Pike is the equipment they get. If you need something, the can get it for you. To make your job easier, to get the done, safely. We are strong. We are dependable. We are proud. We are Pike.