This video will show you what it's like to work as a groundman for Pike Electric. A groundman works as an assistant to the lineman. Groundman prepare the truck for the days work, making sure the correct tools and materials are there so the job goes smoothly and safely. If a groundman proves himself strong, dependable and proud he can work his way up to a lineman and on to a foreman.

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Video Transcript:
My Job is a groundman. My job is to prepare our work truck for a day's event. Making sure that we have correct and right amount of materials. My crew leader is usually the one in the bucket working on the powerlines or streetlight or transformer. Basically I will just be an assistant and aid to his needs. Getting tools back and forth, up and down. You have over shoes that every groundman is supposed to wear.You are utilizing leather gloves to control and ensure your safety. If you don't have safety you don't have anything. I do feel it is a stable place to work. The benefits are good for me. The great thing about working at Pike are the employees around you. The energy that we share between us. I mean it is great. I enjoy it every day. We are strong. We are dependable. We are proud. We are Pike.