This video highlights what it's like to work as a foreman for Pike Electric. The only thing Pike Electric values over their dependability is their safety and as a foreman for Pike Electric you'll be responsible for keeping your team safe while getting the job done. A foreman lays out a job from start to finish, briefing the team so everyone knows what needs to get done while keeping each other safe. A foreman usually works his way up from a lineman so he knows what it takes to live up to Pike's motto of being strong, dependable and proud.

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Video Transcript:
I am a foreman for pike electric. I lay the job out from start to the end. Guys, let's do a job briefing here. I guide the crew. We have a job briefing every morning so that everyone will be on the same page. We talk about the hazards of what we are going to be doing and then everybody signs the sheet showing that you know, I attended this meeting. A lot of these systems are too small to where it carry the load so we have pull in new wire. You have to have two men on the other end. And then I will follow the line out, that way if it gets too low or gets hung in a roller, I can stop them. I feel real comfortable working with Pike. They are number one on their safety. When I started at Pike I was an A lineman. Since then I've become a foreman. But I moved real rapidly but I was interested in what I did to. That is the key. I don't know of anything else I would rather do. We are strong. We are dependable. We are proud. We are Pike.