Facility Tour

Take a tour the Pike's Fleet and Support Facility at their corporate headquarters in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

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Video Transcript:
Hey is this thing on? Today we are at our corporate headquarters in Mount Airy North Carolina. My name is Audie Simmons and this is Cliff Edwards. We are going to take a tour of our fleet and support operations, let's get started. At Pike we service and support a fleet of over 9,000 rolling vehicles, so we maintain a 50,000 square warehouse of parts and supplies. The advantage of warehousing our tools and supplies is quicker response to our regular customer work and to storm situations. At Pike, Saftey is our number one priority. We are the only contractor that provides in house dielectric testing. We believe that this gives us an extra measure of quality control over our testing process. We inspect and test all of our rubber goods. Over here we are starting the glove inspection process to check for rips and tears that maybe in the glove. All rubber goods that have passed a visual inspection are then dielectric tested. At Pike we provide the personal protective equipment that are employees need to perform their jobs safely. We also make available all the hand tools they need to perform their jobs. Pike is a final stage equipment manufacturer. We build bucket trucks and line trucks. We build the trucks ourselves because the years of service of using this equipment has taught us how we need to modify the trucks in order to suit our specific needs. We are also an in house warranty shop. Our fleet is as standardized as possible, which means that we can perform our own repairs, in house or in the field. To support our fleet we staff a repair shop to rebuild speciality items like gears, digger derrick heads and transmissions. Being able to rebuild hard to find components allows us to minimize equipment downtime and to better support our customers. Pike has an environmental friendly paint shop to support equipment manufacturing. We capture and reuse all of the bi-products from the painting process. And the end result of what you have seen today is the best built and best maintained fleet in the industry.