This video gives an overview of Pike Electric, a company specializing in the construction and maintenance of power lines. They are looking for Linemen, Groundmen and Foremen to work in their crews. They are a company that prides itself in hard work, dependability and teamwork.

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Video Transcript:
Are you ready for the challenge? Our customers depend on us, can we depend on you? How will you react when the going gets tough? Are you ready for Pike? Pike Electric was founded 62 years ago by my grandfather. We build overhead and underground power lines throughout 19 states. We utilize the newest equipment. Newest techniques. But will still keep the old work ethic. The good hard day's work for a hard days pay. One of the cardinal traits of the Pike company is dependability. Our customers have depended on us to respond to their normal work and to grow our workforce to meet that demand. And our customers know that in storm situations or in everyday, just everyday situations they can depend on Pike to come to their rescue. You really do have a sense of purpose in what you do. Nothing works without power. If you don't have power, you don't have a way to cook food, you don't have a way to heat your home. We have done storm restoration in a cold winter season and you have got families without heat. For our guys to go in and restore that. It is almost like a high that you can get from that. That we know that we are giving back to those families. Good day. Good day. The job has a lot of excitement to it. It is never the same thing, day in and day out. In the years that I have been here it has never been a dull moment. They fact that you are dealing with so much power does make it exiting. The fact that you can handle that much power does make it exiting. It is amazing that you can handle that type of voltage as long as you have all your protective gear on. Safety is very important. You do not take short cuts. To do this line of work you have got to be focused and you got love what you do. The opportunities here are great. There is plenty of room to move up here. I remember when I was groundman always looking up. One day you wake up and you are there. I am an A lineman, I run a bucket truck and do overhead power lines. It is very financial rewarding. Growth in the energy industry itself is just inherent. It is happening. So naturally we are going to grow with it. Pike appreciates and they value growth within their employees. Working on power lines. It is a good trade to learn. You can't be replaced by a computer. It is something that is going to take muscle to do. This is a trade for life. When you have a top notch crew like I do. It is hard work but you are having fun at the same time. The feeling of doing a good job here is just joy. Think you are tough enough? Can you handle the excitement? Are you ready to give it 200 percent? Alright then prove it. We are strong. We are dependable. We are proud. We are Pike. Our business is power, what do you do?