Personal Response Associate

Philips Company is a global health and well-being company in health care, lighting and in North America Philips Lifeline is the leading personal response company. You may work in corporate headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts or in other locations throughout s the United States. In this career and job recruitment video you will see how a personal response associate is on the front line, answer clients calls activated by their in-home monitoring device. You will be part of a global company that has many opportunities for those who want to be part of a team environment where they care about people and the business.

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Video Transcript:
This is John with Lifeline, do you need help? I don’t know. I think I had a stroke. Help is on the way. Thank you. Your welcome, I’ll call back to check on you. Hello, Sean this is James with Lifeline. Do you need help? The culture is all about care. If we don’t care for one another it is very hard to care for our customers. The PRA’s are the ultimate custodians of our culture; they are the ones on the frontline. I’ve got a 44 year old female subscriber, she’s pushed her Lifeline button and I’m getting no response. As a personal response associate you handle incoming calls from medically at risk subscribers, you also place outgoing calls to get them any help they might need. Thank you for calling Lifeline, do you need help? It’s a very big responsibility. But they train you very well they go through the protocol. They give you all the tools so when you are ready to go out there you know what to do. I look at myself as I’ll say the point person to whatever kind of help they need. I get satisfaction from helping somebody. We are respectful to one another and empathetic to our customers. It’s like a family here, the people are great, treat each other with respect. Always having fun, we try to celebrate birthdays, major holidays. They have the Red Sox. There are always events going on the company itself really does more than any company I’ve been with. We practice caring behavior. Your supervisors are always there, they are always walking around the floor. They are always, always near you to help you. It’s been such an experience, I’ve learned so much in a year that a lot of people think that I’ve been here for more than a year. I have an ambulance on the way. You’re welcome. We encourage learning and growth. I want to take just a moment here and say welcome to the Lifeline family. Aside from being just a Senior Personal Response Associate, I’ve worked on teams to develop new systems, new computer technology that we’re using. The opportunity to move up, not only within Lifeline, but to a different position in Philips is definitely there. If you go to the Philips website you’ll see all sorts of jobs, in all sorts of places. This is the best place to work we have flexible hours; we have a training opportunities, tuition reimbursement. It doesn’t matter whether you are just finishing high school or you just coming from another job, it’s really fulfilling. I love it, every morning is just wonderful. It’s just a very nice place to work. Joining Philips is an exciting journey. You can join a fantastic team of people that share one single passion; making a difference in people’s lives every day. And again welcome to the Lifeline family.