Philips Company is a global health and well-being company in health care, lighting and in North America Philips Lifeline is the leading personal response company. You may work in corporate headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts or in other locations throughout s the United States. You may work in finance,contracts,sales,customer service or on the front lines as a monitor device installer or personal response associate answering client calls. You will be part of a global company that has many opportunities for those who want to be part of a team environment where they care about people and the business.

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Video Transcript:
This is John with Lifeline, do you need help? I don’t know, I think I had a stroke. Help is on the way. Thank you. You’re welcome. I’ll call back to check on you. Philips is a leading global health and well being company in healthcare, lighting and in North America we are the number one personal emergency response company; Lifeline. This is James with the Kingston Hospital Lifeline. This is John with St. James Mercy Lifeline. Thank you for calling Hawaii Lifeline, my name is Duston. May I have your name please? What matters to me is quality of life and I honestly believe we improve the quality of life for people. The culture here is all about care. I have never in my life worked in a place where you just see everyone smiling it is just a happy place to be. And I think that vibe just carries throughout the whole company. Develop People. Philips Lifeline has just been there for me as I’ve grown up from 20 to 27 like a family. I started as a Personal Response Associate taking the emergency calls, which I Ioved. And I just learned about all these different aspects of the company that I was curious about. And I ended up on in finance and contracts. I always felt like I could go anywhere here and I would get supported in whatever I wanted to do. Depend on each other. It’s a great environment to work in because you always have that boost from management that’s saying, “We appreciate what you are doing, and here’s how we’re going to show that we appreciate what you do.” It’s absolutely a culture of learning and development. Within the sales force they start with an account representative role and that can either be corporate based or in the field. There’s a unique balance that is necessary for a successful Account Manager on our teams and it is one who is certainly able to drive for results. But, also for someone who has an interest in the broader sense of what improved healthcare can bring. Philips Lifeline is a great organization. You can join a fantastic team of people that share one single passion. Beyond that you join an organization with a global reach, with a very strong North American footprint and therefore offering unique opportunities for personal growth. They are very good about communicating and making you feel like Philips is one company. And it just makes you think even bigger about where you could go and it’s exciting.