Find out why health care professionals are choosing NorthBay hospitals and medical practice areas. See nurses, pharmacists and laboratory technicians in action working with the latest medical technology, learning the best practices and sharing their ideas with management. NorthBay Healthcare has medical centers located in Northern California close to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco Bay. NorthBay Healthcare, you'll love it here.

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Video Transcript:
If you want to take what you’ve learned and make a difference in everyday people’s lives, NorthBay may be the place for you. They have cutting edge technology. You’re right between the ocean and the mountains. It’s the best place to be. Being able to work here in the hospital that serves a community means so much to me. NorthBay Healthcare, you’ll love it here. NorthBay Healthcare started over 50 years ago. It is a community not for profit hospital system. Now this gel’s going to feel really cold ok? NorthBay Healthcare currently has two acute care hospitals, one in Fairfield and one in Vacaville. We also have primary and special care services that we provide. Our mission is compassionate care, advanced medicine, close to home. Well I’m glad to see that you’re doing better today. My name is Danielle Callan and I’m a Clinical Nurse 3 at NorthBay Healthcare. I love to take care of people. It’s my passion. It means a lot to me to get them better. It’s incredible the family that I have become a part of on my unit. I’m able to come to work and smile. We all really care about what we do. We all care about our patients incredibly. Hi, I’m from the lab. My name is Ebony Johnson and I’m a Laboratory Assistant here at NorthBay Medical Center. There's no reason to commute long distance when you have everything here that they offer at the bigger hospitals. They keep everything modern and just keeping up with technology. The money that NorthBay makes is put back into the organization. We were the first in Solano County to perform open heart surgery. It’s one of the most advanced cardiac operating facilities in northern California. The physicians absolutely have raved about the quality of the equipment as well as the quality of the staff. NorthBay is one of the most advanced community hospital systems in terms of its use of electronic medical records. You’re able to make decisions faster and more appropriately. My name is Shaheen Shaikh and I’m a Clinical Pharmacist with NorthBay Medical Center. Clinical pharmacists are quite involved in reviewing the drug therapies that are prescribed for all our patients. Our primary job is to make sure that the drug therapy that is chosen is the most appropriate, as well as concentrating on patient safety and preventing medication errors. They give you so many opportunities here. They want you to grow with them, so they give you the opportunity to better yourself, to get education. We’ll probably have to screen for current drug interactions. We’re very close to Tahoe and we’re very close to the San Francisco Bay area. What keeps people here I think is that family environment. It’s ideal, you can get that small town feel. They can be fulfilled during the day and then they can go home to a loving and caring family and they can give that time and attention that also needs. It’s just a really great working environment. I would say definitely come here and just check it out. We’re big enough to provide sophisticated care yet we’re small enough to pay attention to the details. We’re growing, you’re going to learn so much. It’s a wonderful place to be. NorthBay Healthcare, you’ll love it here.