Registered Nurse

The RN realistic job preview video introduces candidates to just one of many North Kansas City Hospital nurses who have found tremendous growth opportunity and professional challenge within the walls of a large city hospital that has the feel of the small hospital on the hill. Education and growth are encouraged in a culture that sees techs become nurses with the help and support of the hospital. Training is excellent, and the professional team support at North Kansas City Hospital is unique in such a large tertiary care facility. North Kansas City Hospital is a place where tenure is long and nurses find not just tremendous patient care and professional challenge, but an opportunity for a long and growing career.

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Video Transcript:
North Kansas City, from the support that they have given me, has made me appreciate nursing and want to be here and want to come to work. Hello, I'm Samantha Brattin and I am an RN at North Kansas City Hospital working on the 6th floor. I wanted to go to a hospital that expected excellence out of me so that I could give that care to my patients, to take care of their emotional side as well as the physical side. They're extremely flexible and helpful with you becoming an RN. I started as a tech and then once I graduated from school I applied here for the GN Transition Program, and now an RN. The staff on the 6th floor is … I couldn't have asked for a better experience.Our training is fantastic here and the support here from the other nurses is so good that I feel like, even as a graduate nurse, I can give that excellent care to patients because I have the backing and the support of the people behind me. The thing I love most about North Kansas City is that you are supported and you're valued and you're cared for and you really feel like you made a difference in someone's life, that's such an awesome feeling.