Physical Therapist

The Physical Therapy Department at North Kansas City Hospital, in terms of its scope, facilities and technology. The PT realistic job preview offers candidates an close-up look at the impressive rehabilitation areas at the hospital, including a large PT area with a variety of apparatus, and technology that allows very specialized sports and rehabilitative therapy. Additionally there is a very large and well planned pool. The impressive facilities offer endless opportunity for therapists to provide excellent patient care while taking advantage of tremendous growth opportunities.

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Video Transcript:
The hospital places a premium on hiring the right people for the job and then making sure that the employees stay here. Hi, my name is Jason Calder; I'm a Physical Therapist here at North Kansas City Hospital. I actually did an internship here and really liked the culture here. I really liked the teaching atmosphere. So I've been working here ever since school. I see patients who come from all over the Northland to get their physical therapy and their rehabilitation here. They associate the hospital with a quality institution.It's exciting to be able to treat different kinds of patients. The variety is really something that's appealing to me and the reason I've stayed here for over nine years now. We're really fortunate here at North Kansas City Hospital to have amazing facilities. I think being a not-for-profit institution is unusual in our culture. We can really invest time, invest resources, the hospital invests in technology, in caring for patients. It's just a good team atmosphere, you know. We not only look out for the patients but we look out for each other.