MRI Technologist

The North Kansas City Hospital MRI Technologist realistic job preview video introduces prospective employees to the culture of caring and the tremendous technology employees find in this large, acute care facility. Care is personal and cases are diverse, creating a challenging and rewarding opportunity for professional growth and fulfillment. Being a not-for-profit hospital enables North Kansas City Hospital to reinvest in patient care, facilities, technology and in the employees.

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Video Transcript:
It's just such a friendly hospital. I still love it. I can't imagine leaving here. I'm Megan Tammen and I'm an MRI Technologist at North Kansas City Hospital. We do several different types of MRIs: Hearts; spines; orthopedic work; brains. My favorite thing about what I do is just the diversity of patients that I get to see. It's always something different which I love. Here your care's on such a personal level, not only do we know your name and what test you're having, we get to know you. My colleagues I can't say enough good things about you know, especially the Radiology Department. Everybody's willing to help everybody out here. We're friends inside the hospital and outside. The turnover rate is so low because people don't want to leave here. You have the opportunity to move up or you can go back to school and they pay for your CEUs. My husband wants to move back to Kansas and I'm just like I don't know that I could leave and find a hospital that is this great you know. Just to see the teamwork and the friendships that we have and the care and compassion for our patients, you just, I feel like if somebody could just step back and watch you know for 15 minutes they would want to apply here.