Chief Nursing Officer

The North Kansas City Hospital CNO realistic job preview offers important insight into the hospital's progress in the journey toward Magnet Status. Development of nursing skills and leadership are encouraged as part of this very demanding certification. Certifications and training are encouraged. And nurses find a challenging and rewarding level of opportunity and patient care at North Kansas City Hospital.

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Video Transcript:
We promote professional development among our staff. We promote specialty certification. Hi my name's Sarah Fields and I'm the Chief Nursing Officer at North Kansas City Hospital. North Kansas City Hospital has a great reputation in the city. We have been on the journey for Magnet Status for the past five years. It's allowed us to promote the professional development of our staff, create a positive work environment, and the most positive outcome is great patient outcomes. The staff are really excited and very committed. I think the whole process through the Magnet journey has given the staff the opportunity to step up and be leaders in patient care. We've increased our nursing certification from 5% to over 26% this year. We also offer an onsite BSN and Master's program for our nursing staff. We also have a career advancement ladder. We have a shared governance structure where the nursing staff drive the decisions that impact patient care. A career at North Kansas City Hospital is remarkable because you have opportunities to grow and learn and become a leader.