The North Kansas City Hospital Career Video gives candidates an inside look at this state-of-the-art 451-bed tertiary care center with the community hospital feel. For 55 years, North Kansas City Hospital has been at the forefront of providing medical care in the Northland. Nurses, technologists, pharmacists and therapists alike find a welcoming environment where opportunities are endless, growth is encouraged and the culture provides excellent care to patients and to employees alike.

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Video Transcript:
This is such a large hospital but it has such a small hospital feel. Give me a big deep breath. We have excellent patient care. Our nurses are very compassionate and very dedicated. The team members that I work with are phenomenal. Every day is a new challenge. You're almost there, ok? And I love coming to work here. Squeeze my fingers, hard as you can. Our floor is really diverse. I could walk in one day and take care of two patients that are in congestive heart failure and then a patient could walk in with a stroke. One of the things that's remarkable about North Kansas City Hospital is that community hospital feeling within a large tertiary medical center. It was established in the 1950s by the citizens of the city of North Kansas City as an 80 bed hospital on the hill. And North Kansas City now has an incredible campus to take care of the entire Northland community. We really try to do everything we can to make the patient's experience as personal as we possibly can; to take care of their emotional side as well as the physical side of being in the hospital. We've been on the journey for Magnet Status for the past five years. The staff are really excited and very committed. I see the nurses becoming more specialized in their training. The pharmacy department has grown. We are a team approach in our oncology care. And I'm a big advocate of pharmacists being at the patient's bedside where we can make an impact in their care. I recently got my Progressive Care Certification. Getting a certification is very difficult. I hope to just be able to grow much more. I like being able to see the diversity of cardiac to orthopedic to oncology. I feel like I'm always learning and growing. We've got state-of-the-art equipment and great technology. We have a brand new 42 bed Emergency Department; a level-3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We have a beautiful Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care Unit. We have an Orthopedic Center of Excellence. We have a robot that dispenses medications. I've been a big part of the CPOE implementation, helping physicians put their orders in online instead of writing them. Our nurses and team here at the hospital got together with the Cerner employees and made that charting system, specifically to cater to how we would chart and how we would want to chart. A career at North Kansas City Hospital is remarkable because you have opportunities to grown and learn and become a leader. One of the benefits working at North Kansas City Hospital is the childcare benefits. You can go to the gym. We've got a fantastic swimming pool. They're really supportive of us going back to school and continuing our education. I would tell anybody that's looking for a career path, to investigate job opportunities within North Kansas City Hospital. At the end of the day they've developed me into a really confident person and a confident nurse that I can give to my patients and better their care. You really feel like you made a difference in someone's life. That's such an awesome feeling.