In this job recruitment video you will see what it is like to work in business to business sales at Nestlé Waters North America. Known across the country by its various regional spring fed brands, Nestlé Waters is a strong, stable and growing company to work with. In this video you will see people knocking on businesses doors selling them water and other Nestlé Waters provided products. Each sales representative goes through extensive training and has continued support. See all Nestlé Waters employees share in a fostering an environment of dedication and teamwork.

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Video Transcript:
The general mission of the warehouse is to provide the best service possible providing the right product in the right place at the same time every time. So how are we looking on the lemonade sticks? It looks like we have four of them. We want to set everyone up for success. The warehouse is an amazing job, it's just fun. The people make the job. We're above our goal, we're above the 90 percent. Everybody works as a team everybody looks out for one another I like that it's a commitment. I've been with Nestlé Waters almost 4 years. I started out by doing cases and coffee and I got trained to do everything else. Physical is one of the important things to be successful because we have to lift heavy product. I like to be relied upon to make sure that everything is here when it needs to be here. I like the fact that you know people talk to me if they need a product or if they want to make sure that it gets into the branch at a certain date. We have an obligation to really help people see that what they do is very important to our end result of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Every night before we start the shift we talk about safety. Safety is the number one thing here they base everything on safety here from fluorescent vests that you wear to where you are supposed to walk in the warehouse itself. We assimilate every new employee to come in based on the position they are hired for. Warehouse experience is welcome, forklift operator experience is welcome of course, but we're open. We're open to finding the best individuals in regards to service, hard work and dedication. I used to do deliveries for another company and with Nestlé I saw a ladder and I knew I could advance myself and advance my family. The possibilities here are endless there's a million doors that can open for you. As a forklift operator I had a very good sense of urgency and the company valued that. It's Ricardo, you've got your 182's they're leaving at one-o'clock on the trailer. They gave me the opportunity to move on through those skills. You can go into logistics and operations. It's all on what you want to do. It's how you want progress in this. And I want to progress…I want to grow. It's nice to work with a company that really recognizes us and appreciate us. It's a big company, but it's a small company. And I think what makes it a small company is how the leaders, how the employees act with inside the company. I see a family here this is a great company to work for everybody here is here for everyone. Not only are the people that work here our family but the customers are family without those customers we wouldn't be here. Nestlé Waters is a big company, it's very stable it's global. Job security is a big thing. It's a great place to work. We're the type of company that doesn't just want to hire a forklift operator we want to hire someone who has potential to do other things within our organization. We reach out and we recognize and develop those strengths for any individual who walks through our door. It's going to be a place where you like to come to work, it's going to be a place where you feel like home.