Route Sales Delivery Driver

This job and career recruitment video shows the benefits and features of being a route sales representative for Nestlé Waters. Nestlé Water RSR's deliver bottled water and beverage's for Nestlé Waters North America, which nationally holds Nestlé Pure Life, S. Pellegrino and Perrier and regionally delivers Ozarka, Poland Springs, Arrow Head, Deer Park, Zephyrhills, and Ice Mountain. Come join the delivery team, advance your career and make the job your own at Nestlé Waters.

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Video Transcript:
Hi! Hi, Lauren. How are you? Good, How are you? I'm doing well. I work for Nestle Waters a strong family-minded organization that has an entrepreneurial spirit. Its roots are in hard work and dedication to the customer. I love working with people, getting to go to different places; the opportunity to grow with the company. You wouldn't think that much gets put into bottled water. It's definitely a great product and we've got great people behind the product. I'm Louis Silva, I'm going to be your Poland Springs Route Representative. I noticed you have a coffee maker and I didn't know if you knew that we carried coffee products. A product to believe in. We are number one in the bottled water industry. Nestle Waters is a proven company with high standards. We strive to be the best water company in the beverage industry and that's where we are; at the top. Nationally and internationally we have Perrier, San Pellegrino and Nestle Pure Life. We've got Poland Springs, Zephyr Hills, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Ozarka and Arrowhead. We pride ourselves in having number one service. Guys, I don't have to tell you safety is priority number one today. It's slippery out there. We all get together with our unit leader and go over coverage of the day and any promos, review our numbers. At thirteen cases and fifteen cups, that's a great, great job. And go out to our truck. Inspect the vehicle, checking all of your fluids, your tires, the water, the oil, checking your lights. We are given a run sheet with all our customers; you're given so much time to deliver. It is a physical job. You got to be in shape to do it or it will put you in shape to do it ha, ha. Pretty much the whole day is managing yourself. It's a matter of just being able to multi-task and accomplish things. And every day is different. All throughout the day you have someone supporting you if you need it. Sounds good I'll give her a call, 105 and I'll run over there and give her a hand. There's lots of teamwork. There's no way you can get your job done without relying on somebody else. Building customer loyalty. You actually make it part of your day to meet the customer and actually talk to them. It makes it easier to make sure you are delivering the right product at the right place at the right time. We are the face of the company. As an RSR it's a responsibility and privilege for you to go out and build that customer loyalty, and to build customers for life. Customer knows my face as the company. When we pull up I'm the one that hops out and delivers their water for them. Everything else is okay, you're water is working fine? Yes, everything's fine. An entrepreneurial company spirit. The company is willing to stand beside me and encourage new ideas encourage new thinking. So, great job. Their ideas are welcome because they're out there every day seeing what's going on and there's stuff that's been changed because of that. Constantly improving the company and ourselves. I am working to improve the company as far as helping the company grow. I've learned that I have the skills to become a supervisor. They helped me grow; saw something in me that I didn't see in myself. What you put into it is what you are going to get out of it. I've put a lot of heart, because I want to be successful. This isn't a job it's a career and this is a place that you want to come, you want to do well be the very best you can be. It's a great company to work for, it's not just about delivering water, it's about being professional. They don't view me as just a route sales person, they view my as an individual. They show you that appreciation and respect from day one. Why would you want to go to another company, we're number one.