Research Vignette

Committed to its mission to prevent and cure cancer, Moffitt Cancer Center was named a Designated Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute. This private, non-profit institution practices transitional research, from bench-side to bedside on the interface between academia and industry. Enjoying a great reputation for work life balance, this exciting full service hospital and research institute offers a culture of learning and openness where everyone's voice is heard. Based in Tampa, FL the community offers a fantastic quality of life, from museums, to sports, to beaches and everything in between.

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Video Transcript:
Everyone seems to have some sort of connection with Moffitt. Cancer affects everybody. The mission here at Moffitt is to contribute to prevention and cure of cancer. Everyone at Moffitt's all from like different parts of the world, and all from different experiences. You're part of a team. Your results indirectly affect everyone's results, so it's kind of slowly and slowly you're piecing together the puzzle. I chose to work here because it's on the interface between academia and industry. You're given a bit of artistic freedom in a sense to try and discover your own findings. Not only is there world class research going on here, but you have world class facilities to back that up. I think it's becoming a lot more obvious that you're not going to get a silver bullet. And I think that the way that Moffitt are doing it is going about it is the right way. Setting up a research department associated with a hospital I think is a nice way to transition from benchmark research to bedside treatment. When you go out of the research building and you go to get you're cup of coffee, you actually see the patients that are effected, that have been struck with cancer, and it's a realism that you actually do see the real life effect of what you're actually doing here at Moffitt.