Patient Care

The Moffitt Cancer Center is one of the premiere cancer centers in the country and has been designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute.This state of the art full service hospital provides top notch care and research facilities.While fostering technical and critical thinking, the culture of respect and diversity encourages you to speak your opinion and share your ideas. Moffitt provides a great clinical ladder, promoting from within and tuition reimbursement, as well as flexible scheduling. Enjoy the wonderful weather and beaches as well as numerous arts and nightlife activities in beautiful Tampa, FL.

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Video Transcript:
The mission of Moffitt is to contribute to the prevention and cure of Cancer. To contribute to the prevention and cure of Cancer. When you drive up for the first time and you see it written on the wall there, you realize that that singular mission is aligned all of these resources to really make a difference. So this drug is Triciribine. It's going to be a 1-hour infusion. I have felt from the beginning of getting involved in oncology, like I've made a difference. This is one of the premier cancer centers in the country. With our National Cancer Institute designation as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, the care like the research is top notch. Have you been having any shortness of breath? Any chest pain? It's a 4 to 1 ratio, each nurse has 4 patients. Here at Moffitt we brag about our interdisciplinary patient care. We have state of the art research facilities, we have clinical facilities, both in-patient and out-patient, diagnostic, we're a full service hospital. We really work as a team. There's always a pharmacist on the floor, social workers, physical therapy, occupational therapy, everybody's there to assist in that patient's care. And we'll also get you something for that nausea, ok? There's a buzz out in the community because Moffitt does research. There are a lot of nurses who are clinical research nurses. Lots of treatments and new things being tried here all the time. We're linked with the National Marrow Donor program, we enter all your DNA data and it instantly spits out a report to us. We are doing protocols now that we weren't doing years ago that were developed here. Every employee at Moffitt cancer center has something that we contribute to our patients, and we're the voice for our patients and I believe our voice is heard here. These are the most hopeful people you will ever meet. When you do have successes and they come back and say my scans are clear, I'm free of cancer, I won't be back anymore, that's an incredible feeling. I'm going to come in a check on you periodically but if you're at all concerned, please give-, let me know, ok? Thank you. Nurses frequently transfer within different areas at Moffitt. We have a great clinical ladder in place. They're great about promoting from within. We have flexible scheduling. There's tuition reimbursement. They really listen to their nurses. They really want your opinions, your ideas. It kind of goes back to the culture of diversity. The organization allows you to grow and that's one of the reasons I stay at the Cancer Center. I Love Tampa, I love the Performing arts, the downtown area, the night life. The weather is fantastic. The beaches are less than an hour to the west. If you find the right place to work, and it is in a lovely place like Tampa, you've just got the best of both worlds. This is by far the best institution I've ever worked at. People are respectful of each other. It's just a different type of feeling. You're focused on cancer. And i think everybody has the dedication to one day seal the doors of Moffitt because there's been a cure found for cancer. It's a great place to work.