The Moffitt Cancer Center contributes to the prevention and cure of cancer. This premiere cancer center offers it's team of stars an opportunity to make a difference in the world.A culture of diversity, along with giving employees a voice, makes The Moffitt Cancer Center a wonderful place to grow your career. Located in Tampa,FL the community is a relaxed, great place to live.

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Moffitt's mission is to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. Contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. When you drive up for the first time and you see it written on the wall there, you realize that that singular mission is aligned all of these resources to really make a difference. So we're actually inviting all of the key leadership to this retreat. This is one of the premier cancer centers in the country. And it's nice to be at a place where not only do people know the mission but people live the mission each and every day. People understand that no matter where they work in the cancer center, they affect what happens here and they can take great pride in that. Supportive areas like food services, environmental services, they have a unique place in providing excellence in research and patient care. Moffitt is growing so much and we have so many different businesses within the overall health care business and those bring a lot of different challenges to the accounting world. You'll probably see this hit in the next few months, but they're going to pay us an additional amount as indicated here. We don't have one star, our whole team is a star because we all realize that everybody's job is important. And you just feel a sense of pride in working at Moffitt, knowing that you're helping a patient or you're helping to cure cancer, you're making a difference in the world. Something as simple as a piece of paper can impact someone else's work that translates into saving a life. People like working here and there is a spirit here that they want to be involved with. Professionally there are a lot of areas for growth. They're looking for talent. They're looking for people that have commitment to the mission and that have leadership qualities. Coming to a place where there are diverse people, where there are diverse ways of thinking about things, is critical. It's a very different atmosphere. You can feel it in the air. Tampa's a great place to live. It's was kind of the best of both worlds really. There was so much to do in Tampa, and at the same time, it was a relaxed attitude. The one thing I take home every single day is hope. Hope that we will prevent and cure cancer. I've never been around an organization that has such a single focus and lives their mission every day. I never expected it to be this way. Whenever you see a patient going home or you see a researcher that has succeeded, you know you did something to make a difference and that cannot be replaced with anything.