Medidata Solutions is a leading global provider of cloud-based clinical development solutions that enhance the efficiency of customers' clinical trials. With a team of individuals exclusively focused on mid-market accounts, clients are able to enjoy dedicated customer service while utilizing a premier product. In this video, meet Melinda, a Global Account Manager with Medidata who thrives on working with her clients outside of the box.

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Video Transcript:
With Medidata you sort of get the best of both worlds, you get this incredible, sort of hands on personal support of innovation. We really get what you're trying to do as an innovative small company, but you have resources that a lot of other companies can't offer. We've really built our business on small companies and mid-sized companies, it just happens that we have a software platform that's really good, so the bigger companies have gravitated towards it as well. But we've never lost this sort of, this essence of always wanting to work with the companies that are really, you know, they're changing lives in a way that's different from the big companies. They're bringing new ideas to market. This idea of innovation is really important to Medidata, and these, the sort of small and midsize companies that maybe only have 5 and 10 employees, are where a lot of innovation is happening. Medidata offers this really unique broad perspective of what drug development and what med-device development kind of should look like, right. One of the things that we need to think about as an industry, developing drugs, or developing med-devices, where are the kind of pain points, the bottlenecks, and how can we really help smooth those over. I think a lot of companies claim to think about those things, but they're still kind of thinking within this box, and Medidata uses technology to kind of get outside of that box, and really just turn the tables on how to approach these problems, it's just a really fun company to work for. I'm Melinda, and I'm here to help you address the challenges of Clinical Development.