Medidata Solutions is a leading global provider of cloud-based clinical development solutions that enhance the efficiency of customers' clinical trials. With a team of individuals exclusively focused on mid-market accounts, clients are able to enjoy dedicated customer service while utilizing a premier product. In this video, meet Marco, VP of Implementation Services who discusses ways that the mid-market teams have really strived for excellence in bringing the best data possible to their clients in new and innovative ways.

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Video Transcript:
People that work in the life sciences industry do that often for a purpose, right, we deal with subjects, we deal with people that are sick, so there's definitely a drive and a commitment from people that work in this particular industry. Working for a company like Medidata that is highly innovative that brings new technologies, that does things in a different way, I think attracts people that look for those challenges. The team and I that have worked specifically with mid-market clients and academic clients, government accounts, have really focused on those smaller, mid-sized companies to be able to support those companies that might not have extensive departments, helping them speed up their process. Um, Advise them on the best way to collect the data, make sure that they can make informed decisions about the therapy, or the drug, or the devices that they are bringing to the market is really making a difference. If they can do that faster, if they can do that cheaper, if they can do that with a higher quality, if they can make informed decisions, because we provide them with all the data or the insight into how they want to conduct their research is really a key differentiator for us in this industry. Hi, I'm Marco, I'm here to help bring products to market faster by helping our clients.