Diverse Opportunity

At Loram, the sky is the limit, whether a candidate is an experienced engineer or a "foot-in-the-door" laborer. The travel is exciting; the global footprint offers geographic opportunity; Loram is dedicated to, and demonstrates its role as an equal opportunity employer. Loram is a premier player in a hands-on industry, offering the chance to work in the field, learn new technology and work with impressive, powerful machinery while enjoying an excellent living. Watch this video to learn more about the incredible and diverse opportunities available.

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Video Transcript:
We do such a unique business that we pride ourselves on being the best at it, and once you're the best at something and been established as the best or a leader, it takes a lot of work to stay there. Loram has such a variety of opportunities. Anytime an individual comes in with those key elements of curiosity, passion for learning and courage to speak up and ask for opportunities to learn, they will have a clear and clean path in front of them for really moving anywhere they want in the company. It's really up to you which way you want to go. Whether it's in field operations, or coming into the project manufacturing side, getting involved from engineering, taking a job in the shop and help building equipment, sliding into marketing roles, so there's a lot of different opportunity out there. You make you want of it at Loram. And if you are a self starter, if you're someone that's going to work hard and has got good values and a good work ethic, really it's endless or limitless where you can go. We have a foundation of values which includes respect and dignity and respect for family and the employee experience. Building a community of different kinds of people with different ideas and different cultures can only contribute to our ability to try to grow this company. We see people that don't know how to change a spark plug in a lawn mower versus guys that are certified diesel mechanics and everywhere in between. If an individual's got a good head on their shoulders, and is willing to commit to the cause, and work hard, the sky's the limit.