Company Overview

Loram Maintenance of Way is one of the leading suppliers of track maintenance machinery and services in North America and around the world. With an excellent work culture and client-focused service, Loram's expertise, history, and leadership in the industry provide tremendous career opportunity. The railroad industry is by no means a dying industry. Watch this video to find out what's new and innovative in this challenging and rewarding career.

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Video Transcript:
I had no idea when I was going to school that I this was where I was gonna end up. Everybody sees trains, but they often don't see what happens in the middle of the night when people are out there fixing railroad tracks so that trains can operate during the day. One day you're looking at the mountains, the next day you're looking at the city. Everyday it's a challenge out there. Something's gonna break. Loram started out in 1954 building what we affectionately refer to as yellow iron. So we were on the forefront of the mechanization of the railroad business. We do shoulder ballast cleaning, ditch cleaning, excavating, rail grinding. It's a constant rolling factory out on the railway lines that's manned twenty-four seven. Folks think words like innovation, research and development, are words that are out of place within the railroad industry, but those things are things that keep Loram competitive. We constantly look at new technologies of how we can inspect rail, how we can look at different opportunities. Every single one of our machines we build here is custom. No two machines are exactly alike, so every machine has the opportunity to become better and better and better. We do the upfront design work here, and because our machines are so big, we can't do prototypes, and so we send our parts out to be fabricated and then those parts come back to Loram for assembly. I think all designers are problem solvers and it's the most exciting part of your job. I have the ability and the privilege to go out to the shop and get to climb around the equipment, actually go on and see and physically touch what we put from paper to the actual product that's out there. The pace of change is fairly rapid; you don't have time to get bored. Loram is owned by a family that really takes pride in building a strong organization and keeping us stable. And the ability and requirement to deliver goods and services by rail is not going to go away. So the more I explored this industry I said, "You know what? That's really exciting to me." I started as a machine operator, fresh out of school, looking for more of an adventure than a job, and wow, I really did get the adventure. Operating equipment that I've never seen before, traveling around parts of the country that I've never been to before, and just having experiences that I never would have had if it wouldn't have been for working for Loram. The opportunities here at Loram are really limitless. I've been here it'll be 20 years in the spring and I can honestly tell you there's never a dull day here at Loram, you don't know what you're going to run into every day but if you like new and exciting challenges, if you like to travel, if you're willing to work hard, this is the place for you.