Lakeland Regional Medical Center offers a welcoming, team oriented, family environment.This advanced, cutting edge hospital encourages growth from within. Offering competitive pay, flexibility and good benefits including classes and tuition reimbursement. A culture of trust ensures you have a voice and will be listened too. Lakeland FL, located close to Orland and Tampa, offers many outdoor and water activities, as well as some great dining and nightlife spots.

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Video Transcript:
The community is very, very thankful to have such an advanced hospital. Everybody trusts one another. Everybody just moves fluidly around one another. I feel that they recognize everyone. It makes coming into work enjoyable. The people who work at Lakeland Regional make this place a good place to work. Being an occupational therapist is a lot of work. That’s when it gets very exciting for me because that’s when you’re going to change somebody’s life. They have to understand that they can get back to independence. I am a registered nurse here at the hospital. I work in the critical care unit. Lakeland Regional Medical Center is a very good place to be a patient. I know the quality of care that these people strive to give. I am registered nurse. I work on the Palliative care floor. There is a lot of trust there, which is great. We have a radiology school program here. I am one of the instructors. I love teaching people and that is my passion. I started on the 2:30 to 11:00 shift right out of school. Then about six months later I moved into a team leader role. We really promote growth within our organization. I am a respiratory therapist mostly in the emergency room. You have more autonomy. The doctors trust us to take care of the patient and make the right decisions. The nursing governance that we have here they listen to our suggestions and make the changes as they need to, to help us with our scope of practice. There’s always opportunity. All the resources are finger tips away. We have the sky lifts. We have portable computers and we chart everything on the computer. The intranet has been a big help you can just go online and look up their whole past for that patient. We’re ahead of the times. I came from 350 beds to 852. Since the day I came for an interview, I was welcomed. We’re a great team, great friends. I have a great job, job security. The pay is good definitely, the benefits are good. The staff is great. If we need to schedule for a day off a lot of times the other staff will swap a day with you. We have a lot of flexibility with our work schedule. I’m taking part in continuing education. We have lots of classes and education for disease processes. They have tuition reimbursement which is great, so it’s a good incentive. I’m also attending USF for my masters. The people that work at Lakeland Regional, we’re family. Lakeland itself is the right size town; it’s not too big it’s not too small. You have restaurants and things to do, downtown. There are outdoor activities, there are water activities. It’s just a very nice little community to live in. Tampa and Orlando are close. When you think of Florida, you think of beaches and sunny weather and it’s here, it’s all here. To me, to my family it’s perfect. At Lakeland Regional Medical Center you can become a leader. You can grow every day. You can be your best.