LabCorp is the largest esoteric lab and one of the largest routine testing labs in the United States. This cutting edge leader in cancer testing has opportunities all over the US. LabCorp works with the top, sophisticated equipment and has developed many innovative testing programs. LabCorp offers a fast paced, compassionate environment, with great benefits and plenty of opportunity to grow.

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Is that too bad? Okay, good. We got your results today and everything looks fine. Wonderful. Thank you Doctor. LabCorp is a medical testing company that every day performs about 1 million tests on patients for doctors. We're one of the largest routine testing labs in the US…we're the largest esoteric testing lab in the US. We are the second largest lab in Canada. We are a company today of over 24,000 people. We service over 200,000 physicians. Customer service this is April how may I help you. LabCorp does an excellent job in reporting to these physicians, accurate results to help them treat their patients better. And we as customer service representatives are there to make the job a lot easier. The patient comes in, you draw their blood. Is that too bad? The samples are spun down and processed by me, picked up by my courier and distributed to another LabCorp facility where the tests are run. It's very important for me to handle a specimen properly, handle it correctly, safely and get it back to the lab. Lives depend on it. We are at the cutting edge of technology. LabCorp is the leader in Cancer testing in the United States. We have developed all kinds of innovative programs related to identifying Cancers at a very early state. And predicting genetic diseases through sophisticated gene techniques that we have. We keep updated with the most sophisticated equipment, with the best quality assurance programs in the labs. This is a very fast paced company, but we are able to help these people with the technology that we've been provided and give them the accurate results the first time. We deal with physicians throughout the United States. So there are opportunities for people everywhere in the United States. We are looking for people that have urgency in their minds and people that have compassion. I have a connection with my patients; of course, my patients I think are number one. Put yourself in this person's situation, if this were your blood, if this were your mother's blood. We know and feel that everything is attached to a person, we are connected. What makes LabCorp different is the quality of people that come to work in this company every day. To know that you are helping a doctor help their patient, that's incentive. To be able to know that what you're doing makes a difference. What we have to offer the customer is good service, and of course, we do quality work too. Do you have any samples for me today? I do. There are plenty of opportunities if you have the right attitude. They've got good insurance, good benefits. There is always room to grow. I learn new stuff every day. They give you the opportunity to further your education. They don't keep you in one spot and just expect you to stay there. I really do feel appreciated by LabCorp, they are a good company to work for. If I know at the end of the day I've made the slightest difference, or helped someone, then I go home feeling better. I feel happy to be here and to be a part of LabCorp. I feel good about what I've done over the years. It makes me feel proud because of the company that I work for. If a scientist can find the gene to discover if somebody is going to have Alzheimer's or the genes thats the cause of Breast Cancer, the first place that that gene is going to arrive is in a lab like LabCorp. What a place to come and work if you are in the medical community and what a place to come and learn.