Laura - Managing Director

Laura Beebe, as Regional Project Director at JLL, likes the variety of projects she finds in her career at JLL, as well as the culture of teamwork and collaboration. In this realistic job profile, you will learn about the great people Laura works with at JLL, as well as the high value JLL as a company places on its employees. Rewards, recognition and bonuses she finds throughout the company, as well as the opportunity to move, grow and learn. JLL, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a financial and professional services company specializing in commercial real estate while offering candidates and prospective employees challenging and unparalleled career opportunity.

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Video Transcript:
The really cool thing about project management is we do all different kinds of projects. Hi, I'm Laura Beebe and I'm a Regional Project Director at JLL. So we might be building a branch bank one day for Bank of America or putting in warming ovens for 2,000 Starbucks the next. What's different here from where I worked before is that everyone is a contributor. And everyone is a collaborator. The people are second to none, that's why I'm here. What I think is so great about this company is how much they care about the people. I'm blown away by the opportunities they give us to make money, to be healthy, to have some work/life balance. There's very high expectations but if you can do that you're rewarded financially, you're rewarded with recognition, you're rewarded with trips, with bonuses. JLL is second to none.