Angelita - Financial Director

This realistic job profile spotlights Angelita Del Bosque who is the Latin America Finance Director for JLL. Angelita was hired right out of college and has climbed the ladder of opportunity at JLL. She enjoys the growth as well as the global culture of diversity and teamwork. JLL, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a financial and professional services company specializing in commercial real estate while offering candidates and prospective employees challenging and unparalleled career opportunity.

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Video Transcript:
I was hired right out of college through our campus recruiting. And I started as a property accountant. Hi, I'm Angelita Del Bosque and I'm the Latin America Finance Director for JLL. Because I support Latin America, a lot of my time is actually remote communication. I call it people, technology and process so really getting those local countries and the local team geared up for the growth they're expecting to see since they are emerging markets. When I first started, I didn't realize the strength and how large the organization was. For me it's really been opportunity and growth; To work with so many different groups, work with so many different leaders. Diversity is definitely something that the organization appreciates, you know, a way to connect that global culture. JLL's a great career move because it has a world of opportunities. I think I'm a lifer!