Steve - Chief Engineer

Steve Curran is a Chief Engineer at JLL and he enjoys taking care of his building and tenants while being part of the JLL team. In this realistic job profile, you'll find out what Steve, as Chief Engineer, is responsible for every day, and why he enjoys his move to JLL so much. In addition, Steve also likes being part of JLL's mentoring program. In his words, Steve says he is extremely happy. JLL, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a financial and professional services company specializing in commercial real estate while offering candidates and prospective employees challenging and unparalleled career opportunity.

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Video Transcript:
The tenants here are very happy. They're happy we're here because we take care of them. We're professional at every level. Hello, my name is Steve Curran; I'm a Chief Engineer at JLL. My charges are maintaining the staff, maintaining the mechanical equipment here, maintaining the budget and keeping the place running smooth and energy efficient. I'm part of the mentoring program for JLL's other properties. They foster a great environment. You know, it's business but you know it's fun. It's all about team, because it's a big team here. I mean it really is, they foster that, I've never seen anything like it. It really is cool. You can go anywhere in this company. They really give you the tools. They want you to succeed. I'm really extremely happy and I could take my career anywhere. And that's a good feeling. A Chief Engineer, I could go anywhere I want. JLL is a great place to work.