Merchandise Planning

Helzberg Diamonds was founded over 90 years ago, and since day one we've dedicated ourselves to delighting our customers with superior service and high-quality jewelry. That's because we understand how special it is to buy fine jewelry - and we want you to treasure the experience for years to come. We are here to make people feel loved.

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Video Transcript:
When you're in the merchandising department you're not only picking out jewelry for the stores you're also thinking about strategically how that's going to play out at the store level. The day today basically looks like selecting products for your store engagement rings wedding bands A lot of time to spend however analyzing Data and assortments and things like that. What's exciting about making aesthetic choices and design choices for Helzberg Diamonds is you get to take a piece from this ring and maybe a piece from this ring and marry them together. One of the joys of my position is being able to view the department from an analytical side and also view it from a very fashion forward trend driven side. It's constantly ever-changing and yet always staying the same. You're looking for people who take a view from every different angle on product and on the business to be able to create something like that or have that sort of an influence on a piece is very very rewarding.