Inside Our Stores

Helzberg Diamonds was founded over 90 years ago, and since day one we've dedicated ourselves to delighting our customers with superior service and high-quality jewelry. That's because we understand how special it is to buy fine jewelry - and we want you to treasure the experience for years to come. We are here to make people feel loved.

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Video Transcript:
The thing that's nice about Helzberg diamonds is we're known for quality it's the quality of our people the quality of the products we sell and the quality environment we create through our real estate in the stores that we we build. You're definitely cared for you feel like you're part of the family here you don't necessarily always feel that in other companies that you may have worked for. We like to say at our store that we have something for everyone. When a customer comes in we can go to a collection right away and say this is exactly what you're looking for. Helzberg has always been like a family to me it's not just a job. Compared to the other jewelers in the industry many of them are huge corporations Helzberg Diamonds is literally a smaller company the nice thing about the size of Helzberg Diamonds is people are very visible. The people that perform in the company we know the names we know what they do and they receive recognition in so many ways financially they're rewarded for what they do very well rewarded and then they also receive recognition from all levels of management. It seems like every year we strive both our corporate office and our store to have a better relationship because promising things for the customers we want to make sure that we provide the excellent service. The work ethic that is surrounding you from your team also helps engage you and makes you feel more like an integral cog in a giant machine that you're working toward something. As hard as you want to work and as much as you want to develop yourself you get that final financial gratification as well. I've seen a lot of success I've seen people grow and move to be different positions. What's wonderful is they have great ongoing education here at Helzberg diamonds far as training within your positions you are trained by the entire team. Some of the investments that we make in people we do ongoing sales training for our sales force to make sure that we're always fresh we also recently just launched our updated and revised management essentials program to help continue to develop the leadership within the company. How we get integrated in with our community is we have a Helzberg Helps division and we're very much a big part of the Make-A-Wish foundation. When I see the I Am Loved tagline I see that I'm valued as a part of Helzberg Diamonds. I Am Loved started in the 60s when Barnett Helzberg met Shirley and he fell so crazy in love with her that he came up with the tagline I Am Loved and it's become a tradition with us. At Helzberg our mission is to make people feel loved. And we're in the love business that's what's special about the jewelry industry. Where else to you get to do that?