Helzberg Diamonds was founded over 90 years ago, and since day one we've dedicated ourselves to delighting our customers with superior service and high-quality jewelry. That's because we understand how special it is to buy fine jewelry - and we want you to treasure the experience for years to come. We are here to make people feel loved.

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Video Transcript:
There's always something new in the e-commerce world whether it be improving the way we return on search for Google or just looking at new avenues and ways to sell our product. When we get great ratings and reviews on the web for different items and different gifts it really makes us excited that we are achieving what we set out to do. We're actually enhancing the customers experience and helping improve their life and making them feel loved. I love the jewelry industry because it's fun fashion forward really fast paced. From a customer experience side one of our biggest challenges always is how is the customer shopping with us how do they continue their experience through our website what's the best way for them to navigate to shop and how do they find exactly what they're looking for. We're continuously looking at the analytics of the website to say where are they getting lost in the process and dropping off. What is the look and feel for our male customer that's maybe a millennial and then what is our look and feel for the older customer that's maybe looking for their anniversary gift. How do we target different consumers with one consistent message and what's the best way to go to market with that. The type of person that will work in e-commerce would be used to a fast paced environment very open to changes very fast on their feet and a quick learner. Helzberg really presents a lot of opportunities to move internally and organically. We're really excited to present our customer with a new point of view a new meaning behind Helzberg Diamonds and why people want to shop with us. It's a great time to join our team.