Sales Associate

At Helzberg Diamonds, a sales associate has a job that differs greatly from other retail sales jobs. A Sales Associate with Helzberg Diamonds is a part of those memorable experiences that customers come in to celebrate. And to be able to provide the best products from exclusive jewelry designers makes the job easy and fun. With wonderful benefits and a great commission scale, learn why a sales career at Helzberg can be rewarding in every way.

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Video Transcript:
Selling at Helzberg Diamonds is different from other sales positions and it's totally different from retail. It's all about the relationships we build. We're selling a piece of jewelry that they're going to have forever and it really means something to them. Hi, I'm Julie, and I'm a Sales Associate for Helzberg Diamonds. It's not just sales, I can tell you that. I'm a educator, I'm a repair liaison, I'm customer service, sometimes I'm a marriage counselor but mostly we're there to find the perfect merchandise for our customers. We have a lot of exclusive collections. There's not one customer that comes in my store that I couldn't find the perfect product for. No matter what their budget, we have our Helzberg Diamonds Masterpiece, Radiant Star, we have Scott Kaye Artiste, Expressions, things that you can't find elsewhere, and it makes my job easier and we're providing our customer with the best of the best. I love to take customers in our diamond room. It's an opportunity to teach them more about their diamond and connect with you. You would love a job at Helzberg Diamonds. You walk in and it's friendly faces and you're a part of the team. And you know you're going to touch somebody's life. I can't imagine any other job where you get that on a daily basis.