Regional Manager

No matter what's going on in the economy, Love still happens. In this video, meet Wendy, a Regional Store Manager at Helzberg Diamonds who takes pride in working for a company where she can affect lives every day. Since 1915, Helzberg Diamonds, a Berkshire Hathaway company, has been providing high quality jewelry to customers. As one of the only national retail chains within the American Gemological Society, Helzberg prides itself on the integrity of its product and the integrity of its people.

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Video Transcript:
I'm in the love business. We get a glimpse of people's lives and the most memorable occasions and it's really an incredibly warm feeling to be part of people's lives every day. Hi I'm Wendy, I'm a Regional Manager for Helzberg Diamonds. A regional manager at Helzberg Diamonds is responsible for multi-store management, market visits, helping associates get trained to better serve the customers as well as helping develop those who wish to career path with Helzberg Diamonds, all while growing the market for the company. I started as part-time sales, I fell in love with how we treat the customer and how we treat each other so that experience is going to be unique and different at Helzberg Diamonds. Sometimes there's a myth that you can't make a career out of retail, and one of the things that I loved most about working for Helzberg is more than the marketing and more than the product, they invest time in their people, so that you really can get out of it what you want. No matter what's going on, what the economy's doing, love still happens, and that's what makes us come to work and do what we do every day.