Assistant Manager

As customers come into a Helzberg Diamonds store, they do so with a purpose, celebrating one of life's great moments. As an Assistant Manager with Helzberg Diamonds, you are able to take part in those moments with you customers, all while servicing a rewarding retail career. With opportunity for upward growth and training services provided, this job is ideal for those looking to connect with a team of associates in both development and great family culture. See why a career with Helzberg may be just what you are looking for.

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Video Transcript:
We embody this great culture, everything that we do, we have to set a standard and we have to look the part, be the part and play the part. We have to hire great people to be great. I'm Roxy, and I'm an Assistant Manager at Helzberg Diamonds. The assistant managers have strong sales knowledge and training ability to achieve the store goals and you have to have the ability to connect with customers, develop your team members and for me, I want to grow within the company and they have many training programs that I can accomplish that. Knowing that my job is stable, and that I work for a company that's a part of Berkshire Hathaway, that's debt-free, it just puts me at ease. The best part about my job is meeting great people. When they come into our store, they come in with a purpose, or an occasion and since we're such great creators, that we create this wonderful experience for them that they're going to remember for a lifetime.