Physician Practice

Health Quest is recruiting top notch physicians who are seeking professional growth along with work/life balance in an unparalleled area to live and raise a family. The Physician Practice video explains the extensive support for each physician's practice. Health Quest is the Mid-Hudson Valley's largest healthcare system providing the highest quality care across a broad spectrum of services. Health Quest offers physicians unique opportunity to practice with the most recognized health system in the Hudson Valley according to Health Grades, a leading hospital ratings organization.

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Video Transcript:
Practice management is handled by Health Quest, that leaves us free and available to take care of patients. My name is Dr. James Nitzkorski. I am Surgical Oncologists within the Division of Surgery here at Health Quest Medical Practice. I was raised in Orange County New York, not far from here in the Hudson Valley. I did my residency training in New York City and was very happy to return to the area. The quality of care at Health Quest and the hospital, Vassar Brothers Medical Center has been outstanding. I can practice excellent medicine with the team that's already in place here at Health Quest and still maintain a quality of life that I think you can't find in most practices. Physicians who come here will find a very nurturing environment and a very supportive environment. Physicians who come here will not have to practice business, they will only need to practice their craft. Our focus right now is to build primary care. We need to be an integrated delivery system and we need to have physicians involved right from the outpatient to the inpatient. I'm Dr. Donna Kasello and I'm an Obstetrician Gynecologist with Health Quest Medical Practice. I was once a partner in the practice and I became very bogged down with the day to day ongoing business it took a lot away from taking care of the patient and Health Quest Medical Practice gives me the opportunity to be able to focus more on the patient because I'm not worried about all the business aspect. They allow me to take care of the patient the way I feel I need to take care of the patient and what's best for the patient. Our patients don't feel like they're lost in this big giant conglomerate of doctors and who am I seeing and who is my doctor and when are they leaving. They feel like they're going to their doctors office, they're meeting just their doctor or one of the other doctors in that small office. But we still have the advantages of being in a large practice. I chose Health Quest because I just think it is a nicer environment to practice surgery.