Physician Overview

Health Quest is recruiting top notch physicians who are seeking professional growth along with work/life balance in an unparalleled area to live and raise a family. And the Physician Assistant video portrays the tremendous opportunity for Physician Assistant candidates. Health Quest is the Mid-Hudson Valley's largest healthcare system providing the highest quality care across a broad spectrum of services. Health Quest offers physicians unique opportunity to practice with the most recognized health system in the Hudson Valley according to Health Grades, a leading hospital ratings organization.

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Video Transcript:
The physician assistants and nurse practitioners are an ever growing team here at Health Quest. Hi, my name is John Mack, Director of Surgical PA Services for Health Quest Medical Practice. I manage a team of physician assistants who, across three hospitals of Health Quest provide a team approach, partnership with our surgeons both in and out of the operating room. If you can think of a medical specialty there's probably a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner working in it. Surgery being one of them, cardiology, in our neonatal intensive care unit, our hospitalist program, our emergency medicine program, in many of our primary care offices scattered throughout the Hudson Valley. I talk about it as an ever growing family. Health Quest and Health Quest Medical Practice is my family away from home. A majority of our leaders and physicians have been and lived and grown up even in this area and are very supportive of the Hudson Valley. I was born and raised here. Traveled up and down the east coast getting my training. And then got recruited back home and I've been here for the last 15 years. I've been given opportunities to grow outside of my clinical arena. Both physician assistants and nurse practitioners continue to grow, they're being encouraged to grow and they're being supported both financially and otherwise. I think the best part is being home. You know I'm able to live and work in a community that I've known and loved for so many years.