About Us

HCA West Florida is a comprehensive network of hospitals, outpatient surgery and diagnostic imaging facilities, and a complete continuum of specialized health programs and services in West and Central Florida communities. In this job and recruitment "About Us" video you will learn about our commitment to patient care and see how we empower and support our employees. We have positions in nursing, diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, in the physical and occupational therapies an other disciplines. We invite you to view our overview video and learn more about the opportunities awaiting you with HCA West Florida.

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Video Transcript:
In beautiful west and central Florida, amidst the nature and the culture, there is a place, where you may realize you professional aspirations. There are two spots... Did they draw blood this morning? HCA West and Central Florida, it's where you focus on the patient. Hi Yolanda, how're you doing? I'm going to get your blood pressure and temperature. You have ideas and share them. We've been discussing with our new primary nursing the delivery of the nutrition trays. I want to know what your thoughts were on that. And take pride in who you are and what you do. Together, performing at a higher standard. At HCA West and Central Florida we are on a journey to reach new heights in service excellence. We believe the path to success is by empowering and supporting our people. Caregivers like you who are committed to excellence and devoted to caring. We respect your professionalism and recognize a job well done. At HCA West and Central Florida you can achieve more. With fifteen hospitals located throughout Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Greater Orlando, you're sure to find a home that does more for you. Personally and professionally. The atmosphere is a great reason to come to HCA. It's just a different place to work a real sense of teamwork and everyone here is very proud of what they do and it's nice to be a part of that. I like that HCA is part of a larger system because I know that I can continue my career if I would like to transfer or move on with my family as my family grows that there is a lot of opportunities within the bigger district. The leadership here at HCA West and Central Florida is excellent. I've also worked with leadership in other facilities and sometimes it isn't as stable and they don't work as well with the teams below them and this place is very workable. Number one is always the patient. We try to provide the best service so we can get them back on their feet and in the right direction. Here I feel like our service is excellent, I feel like our quality of care is excellent. HCA West and Central Florida offers a wide range of practice settings, a growing list of specialty areas and the potential to achieve your career goals. Not to mention a comprehensive benefits package and leading edge technologies, it's all here. Make it a career that focuses on what matters most to you. Our culture is built on the immeasurable passion of our people. That's why we hire only the best and share our expertise throughout our hospitals in West and Central Florida. We value everyone's unique talents, capabilities and educational backgrounds. We believe you and your individuality give us that much more to offer our patients, their families and surrounding communities. After all, you're not just a care giver, you're devoted to caring.