Registered Nurse

As an employee at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich Connecticut you are valued as an employee and have vast career opportunities. In this nursing job and career recruitment video you will see that Greenwich Hospital is a beautiful place to work with hard wood floors and a pianist. As a registered nurse you will have access to the best tools and resources to do your job to the best of your ability. Greenwich hospital is a community medical facility that values you and your goals.

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Video Transcript:
My name is Lindsay MacLeod I'm a registered nurse on the telemetry intermediate care unit at Greenwich Hospital. Basically we are a step-down for the ICU. People are often very scared, but in a short period of time you're able to build a rapport and really make a connection with the patients. So your heart rate is in a normal sinus rhythm, your rate is good. Everyone has a telemetry monitor which monitors the heart rate and heart rhythm. They have every test available, the stress test, the cardiac cath lab is here, we do EKGs on the floor, MRI, MRA, cat scan, everything. To have all that available here and not have to outsource to other hospitals is quite a big deal. After you have worked in telemetry for so long you can kind of cross train to the ICU and the people that I work with, clinical leaders, nurse managers are really key on you getting to that level. I went to University in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. In my last year of university I actually met the nurse recruiter at a job fair. We just decided to come down, take them up on their offer of site visits, interviews. As soon as we came to Greenwich we knew for sure that we were going to be coming to Greenwich Hospital. Initially you walk into the hospital and you're greeted by this beautiful lobby, with a grand piano playing. To have hardwood floors even in patient's rooms is unheard of. The meals. Actually tonight is lobster night. The people that I work with are amazing, they're very open. Everyone says hello to you. For the most part most people don't pick on me about my Canadian accent. It really is a great place to work.