As an employee at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich Connecticut you are valued as an employee and have vast opportunities in career options and skill improvement. In this job and career recruitment video you will see that Greenwich Hospital is part of Yale New Haven Health system; affording you access to the latest knowledge and practices. Greenwich hospital is a community medical facility that is looking for and values all medical and business staff.

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Video Transcript:
This month we have several nominees. The Quality Tea has been an event here at Greenwich Hospital that recognizes someone who really goes above and beyond the call of duty. The first is Robert Cochran, document center. Rhonda Powell, nuclear medicine. He exhibited extreme thoughtfulness…a great example of service excellence. They honor you for your service to the institution that is what a lot of our employees value about working here; they're valued. The mission here at Greenwich Hospital is to provide excellent health care to all we serve. We really strive to make the patient experience a very, very special one. My name is Lindsay MacLeod I'm a registered nurse on the telemetry intermediate care unit. Service excellence is a big part of Greenwich Hospital. One of our clinical leaders follows up with every patient. It really is a big deal and you really can see the difference. We're a full service community hospital, we have a great surgical program, oncology, maternity, pediatrics, medical sub-specialties as a community hospital we offer little bit of everything and we do it well. My name is Laurie Schick I'm a staff physical therapist at Greenwich Hospital. Patient satisfaction is important. If I need some new equipment we'll get our new equipment because that's what we need to assist the patient. We really try and stay on the cutting edge both from an equipment point of view and then from an IT point of view. My name is Nassar Nizemi, I'm a security officer in information systems department at Greenwich Hospital. We have been nominated "Most Wired Hospital" for four consecutive years. This is a magnet in the IT field. Next is a three person nomination. It was really nice to see Emmie, Mike and Nassar in action solving a problem. It feels very good. It makes me want to do more. Another important piece is the institute for excellence which is part of the Yale New Haven Health System, that we belong to. We are able to really offer our employees a vast opportunity for different kinds of skill level improvement. My name is Gineesha Abraham. I'm a nurse in the medical oncology unit. There are opportunities to advance your career. There are always new openings and the managers do encourage you to apply for the position. Almost all the nurses on our floor are oncology certified. It's nice to work with nurses who are competent in their particular field. The people at Greenwich Hospital are very, very special. When we hire someone here at the hospital, not only are the technically competent, but they care. You hit the defibrillation button. My name is Alycia Jarvis. I am the education coordinator for the Emergency Department and my role really includes the orientation of all incoming employees. I find it quite rewarding, it's a wonderful experience. They're really like family. Always very, very difficult to pick a winner, especially this month, but this month winner is Marie Marino from IDEC. It's nice to know that you are appreciated and I wouldn't want to do anything else. Greenwich Hospital should be very proud of her, congratulations. I love my job and working at Greenwich Hospital is just the icing on the cake. I think it is the best you can get.