Good Samaritan Hospital is a multi-cultural, diverse group of healthcare professionals that offers a place to grow your nursing career. This video is a brief overview of the culture at Good Samaritan, and the many opportunities available to nurses.

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Video Transcript:
This was the type of place that I wanted to kind of sink my teeth into in the beginning of my career. I feel very good, I feel like I belong here. We are multi-cultural, a very diverse group and we take care of many different types of patients with our open ER and it’s just really been a good opportunity. We like the high touch, although we are high tech. Every nurse has a computer, every patient has a new bed within the last 2 years. Every patient has a brand new IV pump that’s a smart pump on top of that we have the bedside computers. The quality of care is very good here. Good physicians driving the nurse as a good nurse, and that’s my conclusion after I work many different places. Really good hospital, really top of the line hospital. The nursing and ancillary services, support services relationships with the physicians is a very high quality one and it has to do with the respect. People come, they like it, they're welcomed, they're respected, they're recognized, they're appreciated. I’m a great example of somebody who came to Good Sam Hospital right to the bedside, was able to establish myself here in the facility and then when the opportunity came available to me I was able to come up to unit management and now I’ve expanded to being over 2 units. You’ll enjoy working with the people. And then you know it’s a stable hospital. We offer the support, the education, the type of patients that challenge people. We offer growth. Good Sam is a good fit for a lot of nurses.