Allied Health

Good Samaritan Hospital is a dynamic, state-of-the-art, non-profit hospital with a prolific environment for Allied Health workers. This video takes us through some of what Good Samaritan has to offer in this profession.

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Video Transcript:
Good Sam is a great career choice because there are so many therapists here helping you to grow in your profession. It presented itself as one of the few opportunities that I could grow and build one of the most dynamic departments in the country. It’s a great experience, it’s wonderful not working for a giant hospital corporation. Everyone who makes decisions is right here on site. We adopted using gaming very early for balance and strength training and the patients just love it. We act as a clinical site, beta testing site for ventilator technology. When the latest technology is coming out, we're a part of that. More labs that are getting this sort of robotic system and we’ve had it for now six years. There is an emphasis on excellence. There’s a focus on commitment by our employees to do an excellent job. In my department I have very low turnover of staff. The growth potential is almost unlimited because we reward people by giving them new challenges. Education is at the forefront. We’ve set up such stringent training regimens that most other institutions use as the sounding board and as the standard not only in the community but in the country. You will benefit being part of Good Samaritan the first time you walk in the door. I never doubt one day that I made the right decision.