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Good Samaritan Hospital is a world-class medical environment known for its state-of-the-art technology and collaborative culture. Watch this video to learn more about the excellent growth opportunities in sought-after specialties.

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Video Transcript:
Good Sam is a great career choice because of our emphasis on quality. The technology at Good Samaritan is extraordinary. This place, they are family, they are life. You’ll walk away at the end of the day and say “I’m glad I chose Good Sam.” We like to think of Good Samaritan as a high tech hospital yet a high touch hospital. There is an emphasis on excellence. There’s a focus on commitment by our employees to do an excellent job. Good Samaritan Hospital is a standalone non-profit hospital. We’ve been here now for over 125 years and our mission is really focused on quality of patient care. We offer basic primary care services all the way up to more complex services, more on what they term tertiary. We have a number of centers of excellence. And then lastly as part of our mission, compassion. People stand tall behind our tradition of caring. When people arrive to Good Sam for employment I think they get a sense that there is a real harmony here. It's quite extraordinary, I’m very proud whenever I tour guests here. We have employees here who that have said I want to stay forever. I've been here for 37 years, but I am not the one with the longest tenure in the lab. To recruit new physicians, to add new programs we need more space. With this new building we will have a brand new radiation oncology department, 8-bed outpatient surgery department. It will be a great place for physicians to practice in. We’ve taken on a technology leadership position throughout our history. For example we have a gamma knife here and we are seventh in the nation to have one. We’ve established two new cardiac catheterization laboratories, one new electrophysiology lab, a whole outpatient imaging department with the latest in CT and MRI technology. This is a very quality hospital and you’ll enjoy working with the people. And it’s a stable hospital. It really is the quality of the medical staff, the quality of the patient care at the bedside, the quality of everyone at support services. We have a diverse population of patients. We try to match that with our employees so that our patients are comfortable. We speak internally I think 50 to 60 different languages. When you talk about the amenities at Good Sam, it really is a small city unto itself. We have not only a childcare service for the employees and physicians. We have a gym here for $5 a month you can rent your own DVD, do your laundry, get an oil change. The great perk is you walk away feeling good about the place you work. That’s the biggest perk. People who come to Good Sam are instantly considered as one of the top in their field. It’s hard to describe in just a few words. The quality of the care, the level of care, the outstanding medical staff that we have. It’s a very special place.