Video Footage:

If you would like to submit existing footage for use in your MadDash video production or are submitting finished content for hosting or editing, please use the following guidelines for the best results and compatibility. Files can be submitted via the MadDash FTP site (preferred), a large file transfer service like or (please send to or on a data CD/DVD or USB drive. Woburn mailing address.

ALL FILES/DRIVES MUST BE WINDOWS COMPATIBLE. We can not accept Mac formatted files or drives.

Electronic file preferred, the less compressed the better (original files/folder structure from camera is best):

Video Codec:
A lossless .mov file using an Avid, Animation or H.264 codec

Audio Sample Rate:

24 (23.97)

Frame Size:
Minimum of 1280x720 if 16:9 (1920x1080 preferred), 720x480 if 4:3, please do not letterbox or pillarbox.

NTSC formats we can accept, these may not provide high quality results:
- Beta SP
- Mini DV

The formats listed below may be submitted but may incur an additional charge for conversion to our preferrable formats:
- Any file encoded with proprietary hardware/software codecs


- Minimum 1280x720 pixels at 72 ppi (1920x1080 @72 ppi preferred)
- All standard file types are accepted (.psd, .jpg, .tif, .gif, .png, .eps)

The bigger the better so we can crop or zoom into the photo if applicable.

* The best quality screen grab we can provide after the completion of the video shoot at this time is 1920x1080 at 72 ppi. This type of image can be used in web applications but is not recommended for use in print.

Logos & Graphics:

- Vector format (.ai or .eps - Windows compatible)
- All fonts should be converted to outlines/curves.

Color Palette:
Please provide RGB versions of your approved colors. PMS/Pantone and CMYK colors do not always translate to video well.

- TrueType
- OpenType

Style Guide:

Supporting Info:
Any additional supporting graphics, photography, campaigns, documents or logos that may be pertinent to the video subject.


If you have any questions regarding the information here please contact


What Do We Shoot On?

We shoot on the Panasonic EF-100 to an SDHC card. Our footage is in the following format:

Video Codec:
AVCHD codec

Audio Sample Rate:

24 (23.97)

Frame Size:
1080p (1920x1080)

File Type:

Requests for copies of footage will be provided with the complete folder structure. Please ask your account manager for details and pricing.

Here are the instructions for accessing the MadDash FTP Server.

1. Open My Computer or (Computer in Windows Vista or 7)
2. In the Address bar copy & paste the following.

followed by Enter or Return on the keyboard or click the Go arrow to the right of the address bar

3. Create a new folder with your company name and copy files into that folder.

If using an FTP Client, here is the information you’ll need to setup a profile.

Username: updown
Password: E302E653

PDF Instructions