At Cubist, our culture is by design. Whether it's your affinity for science, the attraction to our boundless opportunities or the chance to make a difference in the world, there is one thing we all have in common – passion. We share a passion for learning, collaborating, innovating, and most of all, making a difference in people's lives. From day one, you'll notice a culture where our people are truly dedicated shaping our culture. Each one of our employees drives our collective success.

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Video Transcript:
The Cubist fellowship experience really is different than a lot of other programs out there. We really consider it to be a fellow-centric program. Every fellow in the history of the Cubist fellowship has gotten a position that they wanted. Whether it be with cubist our outside of cubist. One other thing that sets our fellowship program apart is really the flexibility that each fellow had to work with their individual preceptor or myself. At the end of the two years, every fellow should have a complete developmental plan designed around the fellow. We allow the fellow to be kind of the gate keeper. We come to the fellows and talk to them about opportunities and options. So that they have their own career growth going on, not just the fellowship. This fellowship is very hands on, which has been one of the most wonderful things about it. We have the ability to kind of dictate what projects we really want to work on in conjunction with business needs. And we are able to pursue more projects in a particular area if we really enjoy that. Part of my projects I've also had the opportunity to travel out to phase 1 clinical research sites and help to be a part of that evaluation process of these sites. And so those are great experiences that the fellowship does offer. To see that I'm not just working on busy work, but I'm actually doing some meaningful work. I think my favorite part of my fellowship experience was how I felt like a part of the team. I never felt like I was a fellow, I always really felt that I was a Cubist employee and that I got as much of a voice on the seat at the table as directors, senior directors and above. I always had a chance to voice my opinion, get high priority projects, and really feel like I was a part of the team in the Cubist family. The fellows also are involved in teaching. And facilitating, they're grading, they're giving feedback, and mentoring students on campus. There are so many reasons that I love this fellowship, one of them is of course the location. Boston right now is just exploding with Biotech. It's really becoming the Biotech hub of the world. What you learn from the industry side at Cubist and then also the teaching side at Northeastern really bridges everything together. If I wanted to work on a publication, or if I wanted to pursue teaching even more, I just have to go to my Northeastern preceptors, vocalize that, and they'll work with me on trying to set that up. For pharmacy students who are interested in pursuing industry, I think fellowship is the definite way you need to go. And I also think applying to the Cubist program will really help kick start a career in industry based on opportunities and the people you get to work with. You really couldn't ask for a better experience.