C&S - Warehouse

C&S is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S. and the lead supply chain company in the food industry. From more than 50 high-tech facilities in 16 states, we supply supermarkets and institutions with more than 95,000 different products. And with our continuing commitment to new technologies, C&S is dramatically changing the cost curve of what we can deliver in terms of service and value. The work ethic of a C&S team member is second to none. We get the job done, and we get it done right. There are no exceptions. The most successful C&Sers are true go-getters! If you are motivated and constantly asking for more responsibility, the possibilities are endless.

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Video Transcript:
I’ve been very fortunate in the twenty-three years I’ve been here. I started out as a warehouse selector, and just the incentive style of pay really intrigued me. The selector job is a tough one, it’s physically demanding. It’s a below zero environment here so that certainly takes some getting used to. You have to be stretched out, you have to be limber, because you want to feel good when you’re in there. You don’t want to get a cramp in your leg, you don’t want to pull a muscle. You have to be conditioned in many ways, not just physically but mentally. We have folks that really just are enjoying that and they’re really good at it. Some people are looking beyond that, and the opportunity that C&S provides, there’s nowhere you can’t go. I’ve seen a lot of selectors, they move up the ranks. They start as a selector and then move up to a trainer, and move up to a supervisor or any type of supervising position. You could become a forklift operator within probably your first year if you’re good at selection. You can certainly move on to loading, maintenance, any other hourly position. We’re looking for those people who are positive attitudes. They understand the types of opportunity that this company can provide. It’s a good job, it’s good pay, it’s worth it. If you’re ready to do the work, if you’re ready mentally and physically, then you’ll have a good time here. If you want to make some money and you want to have fun doing it, then come to C&S. It’s a great place.