Combined Insurance - Military

Combined Insurance is an insurance provider that offers products in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We take pride in providing supplemental insurance plans that are clearly written and easy to understand so you can be sure you are getting the right coverage.

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Video Transcript:
The day I retired from active duty they gave me a flag and I walked out and I was like wow, what am I going to do next. I couldn't believe that I could have a career in the military as a soldier, then come out here and be in a sales position. A lot of veterans coming out of the military, they initially think that they have to go back into a position that was similar to what they did while they were in the military and we like to break down that stereotype. Combined Insurance is a career, it's not a job, it's an opportunity for veterans to come in with their leadership experience, motivation, independent work ethic and bring it into a company that values that. My skills in the military transitioned very well. The self discipline, the systems that we used each and every day and the chain of command and support structure that I receive and my agents receive is right on line with what we do in the military. From the sales school at Chicago to training here in the field we have all the tools we need, all the support to be successful. A lot of veterans aren't looking for a hand out their looking for a hand up and that's what we offer at combined. We offer positions were a veteran can go through our training and put themselves in the position where they can provide a lifestyle for their families that they may have never expected that they could. The training in Combined is the best in the industry. It was some of the toughest training I've ever had in my career. Extremely professional and it's all about teamwork. After the military I didn't think that this would be the career path that I would take. At Combined I feel like we help people, we provide a product that every american can use each and every day.