This recruitment video targets teller candidates for Citizens Bank and Charter One, both part of Citizens Financial Group, Inc. This video features portions of a spontaneous interview with one staff teller, along with cover video of this teller and her colleagues providing excellent customer service. This unscripted, unrehearsed approach provides candidates with a realistic view of the responsibilities, the work culture and the opportunities at Citizens, Charter One and Citizens Financial Group.

Video Keywords:
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Video Transcript:
As a teller, you're on the front lines when a customer comes in. In terms of opportunity, it opens so many doors. My name is Avelyn Pires and I'm a Teller here at Citizen's Bank. My name is Richard Nicolo and I'm a Senior Teller here at Citizen's Bank. Prior to this I was actually at high end retail. You need to have personality, you need to have knowledge and in the bank it's the same thing. I was actually a teller at a different bank. Citizen's Bank is a lot more personable. Starting life here at Citizen's was very very smooth. The training was great and it was very hands on. You also leave the training feeling very motivated and ready to work. I think the most challenging part of being a teller is operations itself. There is a lot of responsibility when it comes to sales and making sure that your branch is successful. I personally like the interaction with the customer. I like being able to offer them a service that I can help them with. If you need a home equity, if you need a mortgage or high-growth savings, we can do so much more for you, provide you a better service. Great customer service is defined through our actions of how we treat our customers every day. Most of the careers within the bank have started out as a teller. You don't need a college degree to get started in finance. I don't have my degree and I've been with the company for over 90 days now, and they already have me as ATM Custodian and plans for me to be a Flex Banker. I definitely feel a sense of pride. When I go home I feel good because I know that I've been helping people all day.