This video features portions of spontaneous interviews with one Branch Banker and one in-Store Banker, along with cover video of these bankers and their colleagues providing excellent customer service. This unscripted, unrehearsed approach provides candidates with a realistic view of the banker responsibilities, both in-branch and in-store, along with the work culture and the opportunities at Citizens, Charter One and Citizens Financial Group.

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Video Transcript:
When you see someone that just purchased their first home, and you help them get that mortgage, there's definitely a lot of satisfaction. My name's David Scarcella and I'm an In-Store Banker. My name's Sean Woods. I'm an Assistant Branch Manager for Citizen's Bank. I started with the company about 4 and a half years ago, no banking experience ever. I started as a Banker-1, moved my way up the ranks to a Banker-2, and now to an Assistant Manager position and I couldn't be happier. I've been in retail my entire life. What brought me into retail banking was it was an easy transition, because it's still sales oriented. It's always about just what you can do to help people. If a teller notices an opportunity, they're going to send someone over to meet you. You have the opportunity to make phone calls and you'll visit business owners. We do have sales goals. Get that sales goal and then all of a sudden finances start rolling in. As an In-Store Banker your expectations do change a little bit. You are required to work the teller line as well as do the sales end of things. It's a huge opportunity to be on the teller line. You get access to a broader selection of customers. We do some aisle time in the stores, just to get out to some customers who don't know that there is a full service bank within the store. No matter what the transaction is, no matter where you are in the store, customer service is our key selling point. Our bank virtually sells itself with our reputation in the community. We're personal bankers. I'm the guy that you're counting on to help you through this situation if it involves your bank. It's an amazing feeling. I came in not knowing a whole lot about this industry and I've learned so so much. The sky's the limit. It's not a job; it's an honest to God career. Come on over, come see why we're the best.