As a nurse at CarolinaEast Health System in New Bern, North Carolina you can work in a variety of units utilizing the latest technology with a focus on patient care. Registered nurses are respected and have everything they need including electronic charting and medication scanning right at the bedside. Raise a family in lovely New Bern, North Carolina is close to the ocean, mountains and Raleigh, North Carolina. Medical staff are passionate about their patients and respected by colleagues.

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Video Transcript:
You're going to doze off to sleep and the next thing you know, we'll be headed off to the recovery room. We'll get you out of here and get you home soon, I know you want to be with your family. Her vital signs have been great, she seems pretty content, and Mom's doing well. Carolina East Health System is an integrated delivery system. Its flagship is a 350-bed acute care medical center. It encompasses a diagnostic center, surgery center, primary care, home health. We have oncology services, open heart program that's very good. A cardiac catheterization program that's outstanding. We are also a pretty sophisticated medical center and the nurses are at the heart of that. Nursing is an ever changing, ever progressing field. We have an electronic medical record. We have bedside scanning for medication administration. They know that they are giving the right medication to the right patient at the right time. We will be able to enter your documentation right at the bedside. That is what most of us went into nursing for was to be at the bedside, not to be sitting at a desk writing papers. The PACS System is really neat. Clinicians are able to be at a PC in the nursing unit and look at a chest x-ray that was done in radiology about 5 minutes earlier. When something comes on the market the hospital is committed to being number one and being the leader out there with that technology. Compassionate care is a combination of bright minds, strong hearts, and willing hands providing care for the patients of our community. Compassionate patient care means that you are not only focused in on the patient's acute medical problem at the time, but it also means that you are caring for the patient's emotional needs, the family's emotional needs. There's nothing like a mom's face and a dad's face when that new baby comes into this world and that first cry, that first breath, it's amazing. There's a tremendous amount of teamwork that goes into patient care and a lot of camaraderie comes out of that. We have great equipment, but the most important asset we have are those employees, their mind, their eyes, their touch, their heart. Our environment primarily focuses on teamwork. You see heads bent together, how do you do this, now show me this, oh wait a minute I know that, let me help. As busy as it can be, you're working with a good group of people, it makes for a good day. The role that we have to assume is a leadership role in improving the health care for our community. We grow as a response to the community demands. When you go out to your downtown, you see people that were your patients. You're taking care of family. New Bern is located at the confluence of the Neuse and Trent rivers. It's a beautiful place if you love mild weather and the historical areas. It's an hour from the beach, two hours from Raleigh. As a mom it's been a terrific place to raise children. I do feel like I have a voice as a nurse. By having input into what goes on, I think that fosters people's professional satisfaction. We welcome new employees with open arms. There's something here for everyone. We are passionate care. We are passionate care. We are leading technology. We are leading technology. We are Carolina East Health System.